Personal Fitness Trainer TorontoMission Statement

We push you beyond your perceived physical and mental limitations. ON THE BUTTON provides challenging, fun, and structured fitness programs. Our boxing, boot camps, and obstacle course training retreats will support your goals in feeling strong and empowered!

Vision Statement

We will lead the creation of the most down to earth, fun, structured, and inspiring programs that are geared to individual and group needs. We will provide realistic fitness programs that have measurable results through training programs that connect the mind and body.

We have taken the best exercises from the 7 minute workout, the Tabata, the Burpee Workout, the 5×5 and added our own experience to create your own personalized workout!

Your workout is only half the battle since great abs are made in the kitchen! So, we rip apart the Paleo Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Gluten Free Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, the Dash, Military, HCG, Super Shred, and The Doctor’s diet to create customizable nutrition plans for you that help you achieve your badass fitness goals!