Angela Hawes

Sharing = Free = Increased Chance to Shop on Amazon and Go to Cinplex Odion and More! Click below the video to follow along on social media. In the next few days there will be some fun little training clips and pictures up for an upcoming free seminar (May 13th, […]

Sharing is Caring!!!

Boxing Fitness Toronto
Boxing Builds Confidence. I have been in competitive sports most of my life. Since I was 12 years old. I did national level competitive swimming for 5 years, North American Kickboxing for 3years, Olympic Style Boxing for 10years and now the last 8 months; Professional Boxing. In addition, I have […]

3 Things Boxing Teaches You

There are 108 days until summer. This is the time of year that we like to lose the clothes, slip on the sandals, bring out the swim suit and head to the local beach or pool. Summer often brings, summer love. That high of heat, your heart beating, and feeling […]

7 Tips for More Summer Love