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It’s a process, it’s a journey – life is a journey.

Lately, these are the themes that have been consistently emerging in my coaching world, from the elderly to the men and women in my classes.

I see in the Rock Steady Boxing Program, my class of people over fifty years old, living with Parkinson’s, on the journey of fighting against their symptoms, so that they can have hope in their corner.

I see the bunch of guys in my advanced boxing class on a journey of fine tuning their skills to bring their A Game, as they prepare to take that step into the fighting ring to showcase their skills in front of friends and family.

I see the most amazing women who are committed to their journey during every morning and evening class of boxing, bootcamp, and obstacle training available.

Why are they all on this journey? Why are they dedicated to the process? Because they want to take back their health – one punch, push up, squat, pull, push, and carry at a time.


Not only in my coaching world is this theme appearing, but it’s prominent in my personal life as well. My son is eagerly anticipating all the training he needs to master and has thoughts of when he can box competitively. I gently encourage him as I remind him that it is a commitment to better nutrition and habits.

Commitment is the main driving forced behind all of these people. NO EXCUSES – only a sense of ardent devotion to themselves and their health. You can be motivated and inspired at the beginning of the process, but if you are not committed long term, you won’t get too far. You have to look at your options and decide what works best for you and your health. Go with your choices and do your best to stick to it, through thick and thin. In the end, you will become a stronger person for it.

As a coach, I can see each and every day that those I train (especially the women) are becoming stronger and more resilient. I am proud of everyone for overcoming their obstacles to make their health their top priority to emulate Kevin Hart’s frequent words, “Your health is your wealth”. How are you committed to your health and wealth?

Here’s to HITTING your strength, health and happiness ON THE BUTTON!

Lita Mae

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